Traditional Plaques - Aluminum

Our Traditional Plaques are cast from aluminum (aerospace grade) and solid bronze alloys. Offered in seven exciting colors: black, hammered black, brown, hammered brown, maroon, hunter green, and white are available for the backgrounds of the traditional plaques. The brass plaques have the option of no color background allowing the brass to naturally age, patina. Each plaque is at least 1/2 inch thick. The numbers are custom cast with the plaque as one solid piece. Our plaques range in several sizes and shapes. We offer both horizontal and vertical oriented plaques. The backgrounds have a leathered texture with the exception of “The Albert Plaque”. The Albert Plaque was designed by my grandfather years ago. In his memory the plaque continues to set apart from all the others with it’s rounded border and the only plaque to feature a smooth background finish. The plaques are designed to accept our four available fonts; 3 inch Bold Italic, 3 inch and 41/2 inch Times, and our 5 inch Grand Font depending on the amount of numbers required for individual addresses(see specific description beside each plaque).