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Industrial Blasting Services

K CASTINGS, INC. provides cost-effective shot blasting services to restore or prepare metal surfaces for coatings. With our in-house equipment, we handle all sizes of parts, from foundry castings to manufactured metal items, ensuring superior service and long-lasting results.

Industrial Castings & Pattern Equipment

K CASTINGS, INC. offers non-ferrous castings from a few ounces up to 150 lbs. in both aluminum and copper based alloys.  The in-house pattern shop engineers wooden patterns to precise specifications.

With prompt deliveries and highly competitive pricing, K Castings, Inc. is equipped to handle all of your casting and pattern needs in one location.

Custom plaques

Custom plaques are designed on location in our pattern shop and cast in our foundry, “FROM CONCEPT TO FINISH AT ONE LOCATION”. With attention to detail and design at the forefront we are recognized for manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. We offer superior quality individual address numbers, address plaques, and signs cast of aerospace grade aluminum and high quality, pure brass.

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