Mission Statement

K Castings, Inc. is committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality products with attention to the finest details from “CONCEPT TO FINISH AT ONE LOCATION”.

About Us

K Castings, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We are located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Prior to our company, our building located on Lloyd Avenue, was an ice factory. The ice factory was preceded by a grain and feed store. In 1968 K Castings, Inc was formed.

My grandfather, Albert Adams, returned home from WWII and began his career as a pattern maker. During his time at Latrobe Foundry, Albert worked closely with Al Wallisch of the Hill-Wallisch Company. Together they formed a small pattern shop in 1952.  A few years later, Albert presented the idea of starting K Castings, Inc. to advance the manufacturing process. Patterns could now be designed, created, and cast at one location.

K Castings, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of castings from non-ferrous alloys;  aluminum, brass, and bronze. Over the years, now third generation owned and operated, we have cast several specialty products including umbrella golf tee markers for the legendary native Latrobian and world-famous golfer Mr. Arnold Palmer. The umbrella golf tee markers are still used today at Mr. Palmer’s Latrobe Country Club golf course and his Bay Hill golf course.

We cast bench ends, industrial battery terminals, custom address plaques, and many other castings seen here and all over the world. We manufacture both commercial and residential products. We have designed and cast custom address plaques since 1968 for our customers. In 2017 we introduced the sale of our custom address plaques locally and online bringing us to where we are today.

Designed and manufactured on location for forty-nine years our plaques are sand cast solid/or of high quality aerospace aluminum and high strength brass. They are bold, boasting our superior craftsmanship and timeless design. They are cast as one solid unit that will last a lifetime!