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Custom Plaques


Designed on location in our pattern shop and cast in our foundry, “From concept to finish at one location”. With attention to detail and craftsmanship at the forefront, we are recognized for manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. Desiring a stately curbside appeal for your home or business? Look no further! Our address plaques are bold and beautiful – The Real Thing. 

Four series make up our Address Plaque Collection; Traditional Series, Modern Series, Laurel Series, and Sawtooth Oak Series. Each series featured is finished in our signature aluminum or brass reveal allowing the numbers to be seen from greater distances. The collection is offered in five exciting background colors and comes with 2 1/2″ screws and anchors. The plaques are cast solid from aerospace grade or high quality pure authentic brass, are durable, and are naturally rust and maintenance free – They will last a lifetime!  All one of a kind designs that can be completely customizable. Contact us for more information.

William Address Plaque

Traditional Address Plaque Series

The Traditional Address Plaque Series is offered in many shapes and sizes. Several designs are offered in both horizontal and vertical orientation to suit various installation requirements. The sand cast and leather textured backgrounds provide a visual depth, together with the framed border and our signature finish, promote a stand alone effect for the personalization. 

William Address Plaque

Modern Address Plaque Series

Modern Bar Address Plaques sit 1/4″ off the wall creating a striking shadow for a truly modern addition to your home. This design feature also allows for installation on multiple mounting surface types. Creating an even greater modern effect. The numbers are offset “reasonably to the right” (numbers are centered if requested or for five number orders).

William Address Plaque

Sawtooth Oak Address Plaque Series

The Sawtooth Oak Branch address plaques are inspired by the beautiful Sawtooth Oak trees of Western Pennsylvania. The branch design sits 1/4″ off the mounting surface. The 1/4″ design feature of the branch also allows for the installation of multiple surface types. The numbers are offset “reasonably to the right” (numbers are centered if requested or for five number orders).

William Address Plaque

Laurel Address Plaque Series

The Laurel Series premiering with the Mountain Laurel Branch is inspired by the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. The Mountain Laurel bloom in the Spring and has forever been my favorite flower.  The laurel branch design sits 1/4″ off the mounting surface. The 1/4″ design feature of the branch also allows for installation on multiple surface types. The numbers are offset “reasonably to the right” (numbers are centered if requested or for five number orders).


The Classic Signage Collection features commercial and residential signs sand cast solid in aerospace grade aluminum and/or pure authentic brass. The collection consists of four design series: The Rustic Farmhouse Series, the Urban-Chic Series, the Contemporary Series, and the Modern Series. Each series was designed with classic beauty in mind fostering a delightful ambience for your public/business signage needs. The signs come complete with industrial double-sided tape for mounting enabling secure installation on many surface types. The collection offers exciting finishes and colors unique to each series.  They boast our signature aluminum or brass reveal increasing visibility as well as visual appeal. Due to the natural qualities of the alloys they are cast in, the signs are durable, maintenance, and rust-free. Classic beauty lasting a lifetime!
William Address Plaque

Rustic Farmhouse Classic Signage

The Rustic Farmhouse Series is characterized by a stylistic bold font and border. The series is available in two finishes, antiqued and polished. The antiqued finish is a visually distressed application were as the polished finish adds a traditional touch to the overall vintage design. With a color pallet to suit any décor, this series is available in five exciting colors; black, brown, hunter green, maroon, and white.

William Address Plaque

Urban Chic Classic Signage

The Urban-Chic Series, also offered in antiqued and polished finishes, eludes to an eclectic vision of a tranquil yet sophisticated city scape. The timeless border wraps the cursive font adding a modern allure to the existing industrial flare of city life. With the choice of five exciting colors, this elegant yet simple series is perfect for all your commercial signage needs.

William Address Plaque

Contemporary Classic Signage

The Contemporary Series encompasses a style notable for softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines of modern designs. Lowercase font is defined by the timeless simple movement of the letters. Available in two colors, black and Industrial, with our signature alloy reveal. This series is the movement in design that will never go out of style.

William Address Plaque

Modern Classic Signage

The Modern Series is our full, complete, and customizable signage series. The stark lines characterize the modern font. The crisp lines of double border boldly frame the design. Offered in two colors, industrial and black, paired with our signature alloy reveal embrace the monochromic nature of the natural metal creating an aesthetic balance in appearance. The polished finish accents the color palette encompassing the minimalistic trend of the Modern Series.


This is a collection of industrial pieces we have either used in our manufacturing process or cast pieces we have made in our foundry. These authentic, industry specific items are not only sought after by collectors but are used as fantastic decorative pieces. Whether displayed as art or innovatively repurposed, these original items offer a creative functional design with endless possibilities.