Antiqued Fire Door Sign 11 1/2″ X 1/4″ X 4 1/8″

Classic Signage Collection: Antiqued Fire Door Sign

  • Cast solid aerospace grade aluminum
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Clear-coated, weather resistant, and rust free
  • Cast solid metal as one piece
  • Colors available: Black, Brown, Maroon (shown), Hunter Green, and White
  • Dimensions: H 4 1/8" x  D 3/16" x L 11 1/2"
  • Durable, thick (1/4"), strong, and will last a lifetime
  • Comes with industrial strength double sided tape for installation
  • Made in Latrobe, PA USA


The Classic Signage Collection features commercial signs sand cast solid in aerospace grade aluminum and/or pure authentic brass. The collection consists of four design series: The Rustic Farmhouse Series, The Urban-Chic Series, The Contemporary Series, and The Modern Series.  Each series was designed with classic beauty in mind fostering a delightful ambience for your public/business signage needs. The signs come complete with industrial double-sided tape for mounting enabling secure installation on many surface types. The collection offers exciting finishes and colors unique to each series.  They boast our signature aluminum or brass reveal increasing visibility as well as visual appeal. Due to the natural qualities of the alloys they are cast in, the signs are durable, maintenance, and rust-free. Classic beauty lasting a lifetime!